Small Business

You've built a successful and profitable business. 
Now it's time to focus on what you will have when you retire.

Build your personal financial plan designed with the goal to continue to get paid when you retire

Determine your exit plan – whether it's selling your business or retiring - before it's too late

Be confident that you and your employees are planning for the future

As a business owner, retirement planning can be overwhelming because there are so many considerations:

  • Should I keep or sell my business?
  • How much money do I need once I stop working?
  • Can I cover unexpected medical expenses?
  • What do I do for my small team of employees that feel like family?


At Cornerstone Wealth Management, we understand
your business is more than just a financial investment. 
It's also a personal investment.

Retirement Plan Recommendations

401k? SEP? Or a Solo(k)? As a small business
owner, deciding which investment plan makes the
most sense for your current needs and future plans
can be confusing. Together, we'll dig deep into
your business and determine which plan is most appropriate for you, your goals, and your business.

Selling your Business

You've spent a significant portion of your professional

life building your business. And as you decide what
to do as you near retirement, you consider all options, including selling it. We'll help you determine what you need to get from your business sale to fund your retirement.

At Cornerstone Wealth Management (CWM), we begin every relationship
understanding your individual needs to develop a plan that's

right for you, your team, and your business.

Getting started with CWM is easy:

Step 1 – Meet

We want to learn about you and your financial objectives.

Step 2 – Create

Together we will develop a plan that's as personalized as your financial goals.

Step 3 – Thrive

Implementing your individual plan is only the beginning;
we're here to support you throughout the journey

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